Proposal to invest XTN treasury funds into the Waves Index (WIND) pool


Currently, the XTN market price is greater than the XTN smart contract price, leading to reduced/stopped usage of XTN smart contract operations. Most XTN operations are done using different AMM pools or DEXs. It means that an essential part of XTN treasury liquidity doesn’t work or generate income for the XTN holders or Neutrino DAO. This proposal is trying to resolve this situation and is focused on bringing extra profits to Neutrino DAO participants, XTN holders, and XTN value.


Neutrino protocol can closely cooperate/merge with the Waves Index (WIND) product from the Puzzle Team. The main idea is to use XTN treasury funds as liquidity for WIND while XTN treasury will receive WIND LP tokens and will support the same set of operations but operate through WIND LP tokens and remaining treasury funds.

Together with the Puzzle team WIND composition has been already rebuilt and it consists of the following set of tokens:

4 extra tokens have been added:

  • XTN
  • NSBT

Such setup requires to buy WIND underlying tokens from the market except those which are in Neutrino treasury. To reduce extra market pressure for WX and VIRES it is better to use only WAVES to receive the required amounts of WIND composition and invest in the WIND pool step by step to avoid rapid growth of underlying tokens.


Added liquidity will start working at the market and earning WIND pool’s trading fees.

Moreover, adding XTN into the composition will create one more source to be used for the XTN buyback process that has been organized by miners. As a result, it will increase the amount of accumulated WIND’s trading fees which in turn will lead to extra profit for liquidity providers, in our case the Neutrino protocol.

All earned fees, corresponding to Neutrino shares will be reinvested, and received LP tokens will be sent directly to Neutrino DAO treasury. Regularly Neutrino DAO will decide what to do with received LP tokens. They can be moved to the main Neutrino contract to increase XTN value or used as dividends for DAO participants or other DAO investments.

The presence of NSBT in the WIND pool and DAO income will also allow Neutrino DAO to manage NSBT value, which is one of the DAO goals because there are about 162k NSBT in the treasury.


If the proposal is accepted by Neutrino DAO it will create a strong cooperation with WIND and can bring extra and new benefits for different parties such as XTN, Neutrino protocol, Neutrino DAO, Puzzle, and Waves ecosystem in general.

Please discuss and share your feedback here or vote at the Neutrino DAO page.

  • Any gNSBT rewards?
  • How much of the Neutrino treasury for this proposal?
  • Is Neutrino still going to receive EGG and SWOP? sounds like the right market condition.

So you now want to loose all the remaining XTN treasury to impermanent loss in a shaddy liquidity pool managed by one of your friend?

It just keeps getting better somehow

  • Any gNSBT rewards?

All gNSBT users received $PWR and corresponding shares in the Neutrino DAO. It means that DAO consists of gNSBT users. All rewards will be sent to DAO and DAO will decide what to do with rewards. There is an option when DAO can decide to send full rewards or some parts of them to gNSBT holders directly into gNSBT rewards contract.

  • How much of the Neutrino treasury for this proposal?

it can be done step by step starting with 1/4 part of the treasury but at the final it suppose to send all treasury

  • Is Neutrino still going to receive EGG and SWOP? sounds like the right market condition.

Neutrino doesn’t own EGG and SWOP.