Non-Profit DAO proposal v2


I am WavesFunnyNode, and I hereby express my intent to initiate the establishment of a Non-Profit DAO in the following manner:

Governance committee power goal: 100 PWR

Minimal commitment: 1 PWR

Waves goal: $30 000 USD / Waves

Lock Time: 3 months - 131 487 blocks

1. Taking back the trust

Currently, situations at Waves don’t allow or is impossible to collect some funds for non-profit projects because of a lack of transparency and trust that’s why NON-PROFIT DAO will be in different ways with harder punishment than MotherDAO

2. The main mission of Non-Profit DAO

Non-Profit DAO will be aiming to fund projects that don’t have tokens in their projects (that can’t be used for trading or arbitrage for generating some type of profit for the investors…) The focus here will be to bring the fresh air of developments with useful tools for the ecosystem and members.

3. The Non-profit DAO

A Non-Profit DAO thrives on the generosity of donors. Its lifeblood is donations, willingly given by individuals and organizations who share its mission. These contributions are transparently managed and often influenced by donors’ preferences, ensuring every donation has a direct impact on causes that matter

4. Funding the projects in Non-Profit DAO

Projects can apply freely, but only if they already have a DEMO/BETA of the project. the second rule is they need to come up with a detailed plan about the project, what is going to be built, how much will cost, and the initial funds for the whole period. Each month they should create a proposal of transferring the funds needed for the next month from guarantor wallet and this will be voted by participants in the Non-Profit DAO

5. No mercy for Non-profit DAO projects

Each project can apply for these funds but under some person who will be guarantor, his work is to control what is happening in the project and how the fund is spent (this means will have access to the wallet that funds are transferred… multising with guarantor and project owner) this person should report to community every Monthly detailed reports for what they spend the funds and what they did etc… The chosen person by the project should have min 15 PWR and 4k waves, put in Non-Profit DAO of the project (possibly some Miner to apply here too) The punishments for Investors and guarantor will be really hard like never before if projects don’t bring promises by plan, Investors will be slashed based rules on MotherDAO and guarantor will lose all his PWR and Waves in the Non-profit DAO of the project, if the guarantor is some miner, he will be punished 80% of his PWR that are staked (+Buybacked) and rewards in WavesDAO. The confiscated PWR (funds) from guarantor will be used to recover the Investment of Investors from the project at Non-profit DAO. People participating in Non-Profit DAO can always vote for unsuccessful projects or propose changes in projects!

The finalized version of this proposal:
Non-Profit DAO proposal

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I am WavesFunnyNode and I suggest to mint PWR for Non-profit DAO in this way:


The Non-Profit DAO has been a driving force in fostering community engagement and promoting social welfare initiatives. In an effort to further encourage active participation and contribution from individuals, we are proposing a motivational scheme based on the minting of 400 PWR (Power Tokens). The allocation of these tokens will be strategically tied to the level of engagement and commitment demonstrated by the participants.

Incentive Structure:

The proposed plan involves the issuance of 400 PWR tokens, with a specific distribution plan over a one-year period, divided into quarterly allocations of 100 PWR each. Participants will be rewarded with PWR tokens, determined by their commitment to the cause, specifically based on their involvement in waves and their direct PWR commitments.

Allocation Breakdown:

The distribution formula for participants’ engagement is as follows:

For Waves Commitment:

Each participant’s PWR per waves will be calculated using the formula:
PWR per waves = Total PWR for the shared quarter / Total waves committed

This will translate to 85% of the total PWR being allocated to the participants based on their level of commitment to the Waves, with the remaining 15% being dedicated to PWR commitments.

For PWR Commitment:

The allocation for participants based on their PWR commitment will be calculated as follows:
PWR per participant = Total PWR for the shared quarter / Total pwr committed

Under this arrangement, participants demonstrating a strong commitment to PWR will receive a proportional reward based on their level of commitment.

Financial Implications:

The proposed incentive structure implies a PWR value of approximately ~ 0,00404761 pwr per Waves commitment and ~ 0.15 pwr per participant PWR commitment. This valuation ensures that participants are duly rewarded for their involvement and dedication to the Non-Profit DAO’s mission.

Risk Mitigation:

In the event of project failure within the Non-Profit DAO, the PWR tokens allocated for the respective quarter will be burned, ensuring accountability and sustainability within the incentive program.


By implementing this proposed incentive structure, we aim to foster a culture of active engagement and commitment within the Non-Profit DAO. This model not only encourages participation but also aligns the interests of the participants with the long-term objectives of the DAO. We look forward to your support and participation in this endeavor to create a meaningful and impactful community-driven initiative.

Example data based on WavesDAO (we used WavesDAO participants for our research how will look like every drop to participants - drop of 100 pwr each epoch:

If you have any suggestions feel free to post them here or at our telegram group - Telegram: Contact @nonprofitdao

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Support is misspelled in the heading. Are you able to edit and correct it?

No, we made several typos, and cant be edited in the proposal, only in the forum

To make things a bit clear with a guarantor and non-profit dao:

Current Non-profit DAO is for $44310 total (21k waves)
Each guarantor needs to bring $15k (15 pwr and 4k waves)
Let’s say 3 projects apply for it, and if the whole DAO fails, the fund has been recovered by guarantors, meaning the whole DAO is at 0% loss/

DAO participants should not allow 1 project to jump for all funds, if they allow and project to fail, the logic is clear, that the whole DAO made this mistake, not the idea

Dear participants,

We are pleased to inform you that our proposal has successfully passed the voting process. Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, it was not possible to broadcast the outcome.

For more details and to access the proposal, please visit: Proposal Link.

We appreciate your understanding