Investment Proposal Guidelines

Investment Proposal Guidelines based on lennart proposal.

All ideas and proposals need to be published on the POWER DAO Forum, by following what is indicated in the Proposal Template. The point of this step is to receive community feedback: all the proposals must go through a phase of improvements, objections.

Usual timeframe between the initial post & going forward with the proposal is 5 days. If the proposal is welcomed & feedback is incorporated, it could move on to the next step (Add Proposal on WAVES DAO).

A proposal that is not discussed for at least 5 days and does not follow the Proposal Template can’t be added on the WAVES DAO. If it will be added it will voted against by the Governors.

Fig. 1 Proposed Flow

Proposal Template

(based on lennart post: Code of conduct for voting on WavesDAO proposals)

The proposal for investment must include mandatorily:

  1. Information about the team (including skills and track record)
  2. A detailed description of the proposal
  3. Specification of the quantity, type, and method of delivering the required funds
  4. Explanation of the expected profits for the DAO
  5. A defined set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the profits
  6. A working transaction

Example of a correct Proposal

Team Information: Our team consists of seasoned experts in agriculture, blockchain technology, and decentralised finance. With over a decade of combined experience, we have successfully managed various agricultural projects and have a strong track record of implementing blockchain solutions. Previous projects can be seen at,

Description of the Proposal: We propose the creation of a decentralised farming cooperative that leverages blockchain technology to transform traditional farming practices. Our project aims to provide small-scale farmers with access to funding, cutting-edge farming technology, and fair market opportunities. Through tokenization, we will enable farmers to receive investment funds and deliver agricultural products directly to consumers, reducing intermediaries’ influence.

Funds Requirements: We are seeking $500,000 in funding to kickstart our project. These funds will be allocated for developing smart contracts, building an online marketplace, securing partnerships with farmers, and conducting a pilot project.

Profit for the DAO: The DAO will receive 100,000 tokens $FARM (max circulation 1,000,000) that will receive a percentage of the revenues generated by the cooperative. Specifically, 20% of the income from agricultural product sales, which will be distributed proportionally to token holders.

KPIs for Measuring Profit: APR can be measured by (value of 100,000 token + dividends)/$500,000


{ "type": 4, "version": 3, "senderPublicKey": "GDPfYHA6NUZCmin3J7LWZhCvSjBcna8HebyvQyrw17v", "assetId": "DttxsSDmSQjAcjXMX2ke6UJyH3zUrg3Ry6EESzmsJASy", "recipient": "3P8bxPavni6rQjNXWFnP6Xw68Bb8gyAB3pb", "amount": 11726050000, "attachment": "", "fee": 500000, "feeAssetId": null, "timestamp": 1694088000000 }

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