EAST.Finance Seed Funding

EAST.Finance Seed Funding: 7.5% of Total ORIENT Emission in Exchange of $50k of PowerDAO XTN Funds

What is EAST.Finance?

EAST.Finance is an overcollateralized DeFi protocol built on SafeFi principles. SafeFi concept is the next move of traditional DeFi evolution, solving all of its traditional problems: opaque, shady profit models; insecurity; inaccessibility of collaterals.

EAST is planned to become a global stablecoin for Waves and Waves Enterprise ecosystems. Such a position causes its huge potential. In general, EAST.Finance economic model is rather simple and similar to another reliable stablecoin, DAI. We’re using the best market practices, proven even in bad market times like now. So we have a strong belief in EAST success.

EAST.Finance in detail

EAST.Finance stablecoin, EAST, is collateralized according to the collateral debt model, with liquid crypto assets — WAVES, WEST, BTC or ETH — at 150% or bigger backing ratio. This is a rule of thumb. The EAST with insufficient backing ratio gets liquidated by the community or the team. Users can liquidate up to 50% of any EAST vault with an insufficient backing ratio. As a result, the protocol liquidity won’t become stuck in “whale” positions; at the same time, vault owners can’t lose all their collateral in a momentary recession.

EAST peg is ensured by a number of mechanics:

  • Changing EAST stability fee helps to balance users between issuing EAST and buying it from the market.
  • Stability fee is used to grow a safety cushion for the protocol.
  • EAST redeeming within the protocol will help to increase its price and restore the peg.
  • “USDT as a collateral” option will also be available when necessary for the protocol’s health.

EAST offers various investment opportunities. You can trade with leverage. You can short EAST collateral. You can invest in EAST pools at WX Network. You can redeem EAST, using the protocol crypto collateral. Or you can choose the safest paths — native PoS staking.

And this is where we’re coming to ORIENT, because you’ll be able to stake both EAST and ORIENT the same way!

What is ORIENT?

We want to support our investors as much as we can, so we’re launching ORIENT – an incentive token for all EAST users. ORIENT distribution is as simple as that: all EAST owners get ORIENT just for keeping their EAST positions active, in accordance with their share of total EAST emission.

Purpose Share Sum and period
Mining program 65% 3,521,572 ORIENT during 4 years
Team support 10% 538,461 ORIENT during 2-year linear vesting
DEX initial liquidity 10% 538,461 ORIENT
PowerDAO proposal 7.5% 403,859 ORIENT during 1 year
Marketing, community, other activities and collabs 7.5% 403,859 ORIENT

ORIENT tokenomics

ORIENT mining program

EAST users need to support their EAST positions to get ORIENT, but PowerDAO needs only a one-time payment. As ORIENT emission is limited, it becomes a deflationary token with a growing income from EAST.Finance protocol. That means the ORIENT price will also grow over time.

By default, ORIENT stakers will get 30% of the total protocol revenue, paid in EAST. The other 70% goes to EAST stakers. Such flexibility enables advanced yield farming strategies.


This year, we are going to move EAST governance to a DAO model. This will secure further development of EAST and investors’ interest. The DAO members will determine:

  • what part of protocol’s income goes to EAST or ORIENT stakers,
  • what kinds of collateral can be used to issue EAST,
  • what stablecoin is used to prevent the depeg to a higher price,
  • where EAST stability fee goes — WEST buyout, EAST issuance or something else

Current traction

Today, EAST is deeply integrated into the Waves ecosystem. The stablecoin has various liquidity pools in WXNetwork — with WAVES, XTN and WEST. All the pools participate in extra WX distribution. Also, EAST is listed at Swop.Fi and Puzzle Swap.

We also launched migration for EAST-OLD owners. We deeply appreciate the loyalty of those who joined us when we first introduced EAST a long time ago, so they can exchange their old EAST for the shiny new one at a 1:1 ratio in just a couple of clicks.


We have plenty of plans for the next months in order to make EAST even more attractive for investors.

What Why When
EAST and ORIENT staking To provide more opportunities for extra income Q2 2023
WX/EAST and ORIENT/EAST pairs To increase circulation and strengthen the tokens
EAST redeeming To protect EAST from depeg to a lower price H2 2023
USDT as a collateral To protect EAST from depeg to a higher price
USDT/EAST pair To increase circulation and strengthen the token
Flash loans To increase circulation and the protocol’s income
EAST DAO To secure the protocol development

What do we offer?

To be brief, we, EAST.Finance team, offer 7.5% (nearly 403,859) of the total ORIENT token emission in exchange of $50k in XTN. The sum of ORIENT, an EAST.Finance incentive token, will be transferred evenly during 12 months since the emission starts. The XTN in return is expected to be a one-time payment.

Despite having very close relations with Waves Enterprise, EAST.Finance team remains independent. We’re counting on your support in this proposal. PowerDAO XTN supply will strengthen EAST.Finance even further. We plan to use it:

  • to diverse collaterals,
  • to strengthen token peg,
  • to replenish the treasury,
  • to issue more EAST for new trading pairs.
  • to support the team

We consider our offer to be mutually beneficial for both PowerDAO and EAST.Finance. 403,859 ORIENT for $50 000 means the ORIENT price for PowerDAO is nearly $0.18. This is 20–50% less than planned for free circulation.

If you want to dig deeper into our protocol, please visit east.finance. Soon we will announce our plans for 2024. Feel free to ask any questions!


Hello! Pretty interesting proposal.

What will be the utility for ORIENT token, will it be stakable? Also what’s go-to-market plan for this token? I think it’s important for DAO to know these details prior voting.

Looking forward to EAST 2.0 adoption!


Orient has two main utilities

  1. Orient allows you to boost EAST 2.0 staking and get 30% more.
  2. Orient will be used as a governance token. With its help, it will be possible to vote for new tokens as collateral, determine the stability fee purpose, determine BR/LR, etc (will be released soon)

The go-to-market plan for the Orient token is fairly straightforward. Within 1-2 months, the team will release an update for EAST 2.0 in which users will be able to claim Orient and use it as an EAST 2.0 staking booster. At the same time as the release, the first trading pair Orien/EAST will be created on Waves.Exchange



When ORIENT staking? Planning was Q2 2023.
How come there was no announcement of the delay?

Best regards,