WXDAO tokenomics?

Dear WX,

Where can I find the tokenomics of WXDAO token?

Alternative Entry to the DAO:

  • One can join by buying the DAO’s LP (WX LP) token in the market and transferring it to the treasury.
  • Only 1,000 LP tokens are in circulation.
    Source: PWRDAO

WX LP has become WXDAO token right?

Did 1,000 tokens become 54,731 tokens and reissuable?

What is this part of the tokenomics? Waves Explorer & Portfolio Overview | wscan.io

There are 1000 PWR participating in the DAO.
All WX growth rewards are allocated to these PWRs.
100 WXDAO tokens issued for 1 PWR
To participate in the DAO, you need to exchange WXDAO tokens for staked PWR in the POWER protocol. In this case, the user additionally gets the opportunity to withdraw the reward accumulated over previous periods.
WXDAO token price is accumulated reward + pwr price + calculated new reward accrual for the current period

If 10 WXDAO tokens issued for 1 PWR and there are 1000 PWR, which means there should be 10.000 WXDAO.

Why are there more then 10.000 WXDAO?

Waves DAO alone already holds 15.6k:

WX team wallet 12.6k:

Sorry missed zero 100 WXDAO - 1PWR
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