WX DAO Оptimize pool's emission voting processes?

To WX DAO proposer,

How does this mean more details, then the announcement in Telegram?:

To optimize pool’s emission voting processes, we propose: when the pool reaches the minimum liquidity, exclude it from WX Distribution voting and disable deposit. Excluded pool has the opportunity to return full functionality when liquidity increases and a penalty is paid.
Contract - wxdefi-504 by ridev6 · Pull Request #448 · waves-exchange/contracts · GitHub

Or do we have to get the details from the already coded 26 commits?


  1. What is the minimum liquidity?
  2. What is the reason behind disabling deposit?
  3. What is the penalty fee?


  • I would imagine if pool is below minimum liquidity, then no farming rewards, would work too. Without disabling and penalty.

  • Pool size is imo should not be the deciding factor, but trading volume or to be more precise, trading fees.
    SWAVES/WAVES Pool, monthly trading volume 1.3% of pool size.
    Utility is very low, 99% of the time it better to use Pepeteam SC, which has a seemless and feeless staking/unstaking functionality.
    Pool receives 731,048.39 gWX, which means farming rewards >>> trading fees.

My 2 WX,

minimum liquidity - when bot spend more commissions on spot trading than the pool’s profit.

Voting finalize operation spend fees too for each pool and time.

Pool with low liquidity, is a dead pool or most likely a scam.

The minimum values can be found here - Bitcoin Exchange | Cryptocurrency Exchange | Trading Platform | Waves

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Thx for clarifying!
I agree that some changes has to be made with low liquidity pools and I am glad you made a proposal for that.

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Unfortunately proposal did not pass.
I recommend to first propose the idea and get support before committing to developing the code.