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WavesOnChain.com Budget Proposal


Greetings, esteemed members of the Waves community. I am Cincirman, one of the co-founders of WavesOnChain.com, a passionate enthusiast of physics engineering, and a seasoned data analyst. Over the past six years, I have closely monitored the Waves ecosystem, immersing myself in its intricacies. In June 2022, I proudly joined the Neutrino Node program, which further solidified my commitment to the Waves ecosystem. For the past four years, my unwavering passion for on-chain data analysis has led me to diligently track platforms such as Glassnode and Coinmetrics.

Our Journey

In April 2023, my visionary partner, a seasoned backend developer with 15 years of coding prowess, and I embarked on an ambitious journey: creating WavesOnChain.com. Our collective efforts have borne fruit, culminating in a homepage replete with data and insights on generator nodes, an activation & feature voting hub, an exhaustive nodes directory, and a meticulously crafted suite of on-chain analytical metrics.

Our Mission

At its core, our noble mission revolves around crafting an invaluable and aesthetically pleasing repository of data and insights. This repository caters to both astute investors and enterprising developers within the Waves network. Beyond this, we aspire to elevate awareness and understanding of on-chain analysis within the network, unveiling the nuanced concepts enshrined in the annals of on-chain literature to the Waves community.

Our Ambitions

In pursuit of our mission, we have set forth ambitious plans. We aim to introduce a total of 64 on-chain analytical metrics within the upcoming year. These metrics are thoughtfully categorized into three tiers to provide comprehensive insights into the Waves ecosystem.

Budget Proposal

To materialize these aspirations, we humbly propose an annual budget of $62,175. This budget is thoughtfully distributed across four distinct epochs:

  • Epoch 1: $12,150
    *$4050 for the next 3 months

  • Epoch 2: $14,450
    *$4816,67 for the next 3 months

  • Epoch 3: $16,600
    *$5533,33 for the next 3 months

  • Epoch 4: $18,975
    *$6325 for the next 3 months

This financial allocation will empower us to unlock the full potential of WavesOnChain.com, enriching the Waves ecosystem and fostering a deeper appreciation for the art and science of on-chain analysis.

Metrics and Timeline

Below, we present an overview of our working timeline and the associated metrics for each quarter of our proposal:

Working Timeline:

  • Q1: 16 metrics
  • Q2: 13 metrics
  • Q3: 18 metrics
  • Q4: 17 metrics


We have carefully chosen a range of metrics categorized into three tiers to provide a comprehensive view of the Waves ecosystem:

Tier 1 Metrics:
Foundational metrics that include address activity, token economics, and network dynamics.

Tier 2 Metrics:
Deeper insights into network activity, staking, and transaction behavior.

Tier 3 Metrics
Advanced metrics offer a deeper understanding of network dynamics and market sentiment.

Possible Metric Adjustments
It’s important to acknowledge that the Waves ecosystem is dynamic, with projects and the network itself undergoing continuous updates and enhancements. As such, some of the metrics we propose may need to be adjusted in response to these changes. We are committed to remaining adaptable and responsive to the evolving landscape, and we will regularly review and update our metrics to ensure they remain relevant and informative.

WavesFunnyNode Contribution, Advisory Role

We are thrilled to highlight the multifaceted support from WavesFunnyNode (WFN) for WavesOnChain.com. WFN shares our unwavering commitment to the growth and development of the Waves ecosystem. Notably, WFN will play an integral advisory role, providing invaluable insights and guidance. This commitment encompasses potential financial support. With WFN’s involvement, we have a strong foundation for the sustainability and success of WavesOnChain.com.


In closing, we believe that the WavesOnChain.com project holds immense potential to become a vital resource within the Waves ecosystem. We are committed to delivering the highest quality data and insights, enriching the experiences of both investors and developers. Your support through this budget proposal will not only propel our project forward but also contribute to the continued growth and success of the Waves network.

We express our heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable time and encourage you to continue your journey on the chain within the network. Together, we can unlock the full potential of the Waves ecosystem and pave the way for a brighter future in the world of on-chain analysis.

Plans sheet:
WOC-plans sheet



WavesOnChain.com presents a budget proposal to the Waves community, aiming to enhance the ecosystem through 64 on-chain analytical metrics. The budget of $62,175, distributed across four epochs, supports project development, with a specific request of $12,150 for Q1. Seeking 30 PWR for the next three months, the team emphasizes community involvement and transparent work practices. For Q1, a 60% Waves and 40% PWR metrics distribution is proposed, reflecting community feedback and preferences.

  "type": 16,
  "version": 2,
  "senderPublicKey": "8ewwfheYyMyKGdUoWgUtTy9hudmtL9n123PYiVaPvwCo",
  "dApp": "3P3pzdr21iHMgorLxe9NaB312cKiCaaDdb7",
  "call": {
    "args": [
        "type": "string",
        "value": "3PQngMENWCDZzcYe5A1Sz87SCr54rPL1y6x"
        "type": "integer",
        "value": 10000000000
        "type": "boolean",
        "value": false
    "function": "mintTo"
  "payment": [],
  "fee": 900000,
  "feeAssetId": null,
  "timestamp": 1702823839000,
  "chainId": 87

We forgot to change the mint amount so 70 PWR will be burned


Hey guys, be free to suggest some features

Hello everyone,

We have created a document to enhance the comprehension of the Q1 plans for WOC.

Exciting update! MotherDAO’s first vote metric is live! :tada: Easily review voting transactions with one click.

:point_right: Waves on Chain

:rocket: Vote YES on the WOC funding proposal for more metrics! :ballot_box: More data and graphs coming soon!

:christmas_tree: Happy Xmas! :star2: As we celebrate the season, join us in reliving the WavesOnChain highlights of 2023! From groundbreaking developments to community milestones, it’s been a year of innovation and growth. Thank you for being part of our journey. Here’s to a festive season and an even more exciting 2024!


:fist: Voting on the WavesOnChain Q1 Funding proposal has begun on MotherDAO. If you want to earn 24% apr on Power Token, stake your Power and Vote! For minimum number of 18 useful metrics.


:fist: You can also track the vote distribution of this vote here.


Update announcement!

Hello, everyone! We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with MarketingDAO!

Kindly cast your vote for the proposal:

:ocean: WavesOnChain Update Alert! :rocket:

Hey WaveRiders! :ocean: We’ve just dropped a major update with some awesome additions:

:facepunch: @PWRDAO updates:

  • Total Vote Percentage :bar_chart:**:** Get a snapshot of overall voting sentiment.

  • Retract Data :arrows_counterclockwise:**:** Stay informed about changes in voting decisions.

  • Quorum Data :globe_with_meridians:**:** Know the minimum votes required for a valid decision.

  • MotherDAO Votes :robot:**:** Explore the impact of MotherDAO in decision-making.

  • Distribution Chart :chart_with_upwards_trend:**:** Visualize voting dynamics with percentage distribution.

  • Data Completion :hammer_and_wrench:: Non-voters count increased to 7500, and we found 6k inactive stakers since August.

Nodes Page Enhancement :desktop_computer:

  • Nodes sorted by version for easy navigation.

  • Status Ok Links :link:**:** Quickly access detailed info on nodes with Status Ok.

These updates provide a deeper insight into WavesOnChain activity. Dive in and enjoy the enhanced experience! :rocket::man_surfing:

Oh, I forgot to post updates that happened on WOC.

For this case, please follow https://twitter.com/wavesonchains to see the latest updates.

Here, we will upload reports on what we didn’t do for Q1 and WOC plans for the next quarters.

Dear WavesDAO Participants,

We are pleased to announce the conclusion of WOC Q1 and would like to extend our gratitude for your continued support and engagement. As we reflect on the past quarter, we are excited to share a detailed overview of our achievements, including comprehensive Q1 accounting.

:point_right: Q1-RECAP

Moreover, we are thrilled to unveil our strategic plans for Q2, which we believe will further propel WavesDAO towards our collective vision.

:point_right: Q2-PLANS

In our commitment to transparency, we are proud to be setting the standard for accountability within the community, being the sole project to provide tangible results thus far.

Your feedback and involvement are invaluable as we move forward. Therefore, we encourage you to actively participate in the upcoming voting process for the approval of WOC KPI and Q2 plans.

Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as we embark on this exciting journey together!