WavesLands proposal

WavesLands (https://waveslands.com) is a DeFi game in the genre of economic simulator as a part of the WavesDucks metaverse.

At the moment, the game is launched with limited functionality, but development is underway and updates are released weekly. The game economy is fully self-sufficient. You can follow the development progress here News - WavesLands

The project is actively being developed by an experienced team. The status of implementation of planned game mechanics is 50%. The deadline for implementing the remaining planned functionality is Q3 2023. Dmitry Pichulin conducted a security check of our contracts in the blockchain Issues · waveslands/ride · GitHub

For further development, we want to attract 1.5 million XTN. Funding will go towards paying current expenses, developing new functionality and creating a project token. The development plan is described here https://waveslands.com/en/roadmap

When creating a token, we focus on maximum protection for investors. This is achieved through the following conditions:

  • The token will be an index of the project’s liquidity, namely the available USDT in the accounts of the game’s investment fund. The fund is formed through the sale of lands and in-game economy. This will achieve a constant and predictable growth in token value according to the formula:
    Token price = SumFund / Total Issued tokens
  • Total supply: 1,000,000 tokens. Additional issuance and burning are possible.
  • A pool of tokens will be created in pair with USDT on Puzzleswap
  • On waveslands.com, a tool will be created for arbitrage ± 20% from the current calculated index (see formula) - this will provide protection for investors from excessive volatility in token price on the market and an opportunity for additional earnings. Access to arbitrage will be available to users with staked lands.

Distribution of project tokens:

  • 10% - DAO investors (immediately)
  • 10% - market making (immediately)
  • 10% - marketing (within 1 year)
  • 20% - team (within 3 years)
  • 10% - gaming activities (within 3 years)
  • 40% - staked lands (within 3 years)

No cut for DAO PWR stakers?

Sorry, but this option is not available.

We will send the tokens to the DAO wallet, how they distribute you need to ask them.

Ah, so it is the usual 20/80 distribution for Power Stakers/Investors. Thank you.

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