Waves Marketing DAO continuous funding

It’s proposed allocating 0.245 WAVES per block to cover the operational expenses of the Waves marketing team, which amount to approximately $15,000 USD per month. This funding will be channeled to the Marketing DAO, allowing participants within the Marketing DAO to make decisions regarding marketing initiatives.

In return, the Waves marketing team commits to actively promoting all projects involved in Waves DAO and Waves DAO itself. This promotion will utilize all available resources, including Waves’ social media platforms and basic content creation. By doing so, the team aims to assist WavesDAO in achieving its objectives, which include growing the WavesDAO treasury and meeting its key performance indicators (KPIs).

It’s important to note that this proposal does not prevent the Marketing DAO from conducting specific campaigns with a separate budget. Such additional funding can be provided to the Marketing DAO treasury through various means, including project tokens or other resources.

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I wouldn’t invest in Waves DAO directly, because WAVESDLP/WAVES price is 0.318. So I am better of buying from the market.
How do you plan to get people to invest in Waves DAO directly?
And more than 0.245 WAVES per block?

If you think that marketing services are unsatisfactory the flow can be stopped through another vote, this is slashing for the Marketing DAO.

Did marketing DAO vote to make this proposal?
How would you determine amount to be slashed?

I would not slash people who vote for the proposal at all, I think it’s a bit early at this stage.

I thought the whole idea behind Power DAO governance, would be ruled by KPI and rewarding/slashing based on results.
So for this proposal it doesn’t matter whether I vote yes/no/abstain correct?