Waves Ducks Reveneu Sharing

Waves Ducks has been creating hype all over wavesplatform, to give an example of such a hype: many users have ducks as profile pictures.
A lot of people have joined waves through waves ducks in the past. They became vires, swop, puzzle investors and users. A good example are the CF pools on puzzle. And we strongly believe this hype will and can return when the waves issues become resolved, as a result, we created following proposal.

Waves Ducks has been going through a rough time with the current ecosystem issues. As a result, the budget was cut very heavly. This at a stage when wavesducks was started to become monetized. Sadly the operating costs still continue, and we are not yet ready with the monetization part. To be able to finish this, we are requesting, 960k XTN. This will ensure the operating costs can be paid in full for a year.

What will wavesdao gain from this? Well it’s basically very simple, we have a marketplace, that generates fees. We propose to split 30% from those fees directly to the dao. So for every sale between players, 30% from the fees is instantly send to the wavesdao, this ensures a healthy waves income flow to the dao itself. No vested funds, no illiquid tokens, directly paid in waves.
You might wonder why only 30%? Because 40% will be used for buyback from the market. so 60% is the project share. Therefor we see a 50/50 split as a fair something.

With the waves earned from supporting waves ducks, you can in return then support other proposals like XTN buybacks, or fundings in waves directly.

To give an idea about the amount of reveneu that it can bring, you can checkout

Every auction has a 5% fee. From this 5% is 30% for the waves dao, or let us rephrase it, roughly 1.5% from EVERY trade between players goes directly into the waves dao acocunt. Based on renewed activity and renewed strategy for the game, we can see these fees going up in the near future.

On top of that, we have a special AMM pool with EGG, Spice and Waves. Collective farms in the game can only use that pool to trade through.
50% from the fees are for our treasury. We propose to give 20% from those fees also to the dao. These fees generate the in-game currency and therefor the dao gets indirectly skin in the game, unless they prefer to sell off the spice and egg earned.

As last part, we also propose a terms of termination. We propose as soon as we repaid 100k dollar to the DAO, we completed this deal. This is a 250-300% increase in capital and working funds.

So to conclude, we offer a deal that will generate directly reveneu for the wavesdao, so soon as it’s accepted. This will generate mainly waves which are one of the best assets to earn as a dao, and on the side it earns spice and egg.

We want to express one more time the importance of wavesducks in the past for the hype on the wavesblockchain. We attract a whole new audience of not only investors but also players. Young and old can play wavesducks and join us for the continued adventure.


As we received feedback and the waves dao would need to have something to hold, we agreed to create a reveneu staking token in case the proposal is accepted. The dao would be able to stake this token and in return receive reveneu in that way.

I see that 960k XTN is requested and that the deal is considered completed if 100k dollar is repaid. Potentially, this could mean that with a sufficient rise in the XTN price this could be an inferior deal. The completion amount also needs to be stated in XTN equivalent, such as XTN + ~40% APY to reach 10% treasury growth in the first 3 month KPI period. Since the funds will be used to pay funding and sold on the market, it could also have a negative effect on the XTN price. The latter is not just particular to this proposal but all other proposals in the DAO.