Waves Ducks Liquidity Boost Proposal

Waves Ducks Liquidity Boost Proposal

1. Executive Summary: We are outlining a strategic approach to optimize the treasury of Waves DAO. Our plan is focusing on acquiring and managing assets efficiently, aiming to maximize returns and strengthen market liquidity.

2. Detailed Strategy:

  • Request for Funds from WavesDAO Treasury: We are requesting 10,000 Waves from the treasury of WavesDAO for this initiative.
  • Repurchasing $EGG: We are using a portion of the funds to repurchase $EGG tokens on the market. This action is aiming to support the token’s value and increase our asset reserves.
  • Investment in Collective Farms and Acquisition of CF Tokens: We are planning to invest the $EGG tokens in collective farms to print CF tokens. Alternatively, we are considering purchasing CF tokens on the market, converting Waves to CF tokens indirectly to avoid the direct sale of $EGG.
  • Liquidity Contribution on Waves Ducks Site: Once we have obtained the CF tokens, we are contributing them to the new CF token liquidity pool on the Waves Ducks site. This action is intended to generate returns and increase market liquidity.
  • Sending the LP Back to Waves DAO: We are sending the liquidity pool tokens (LP tokens) back to Waves DAO, ensuring custody and control of the assets.
  • LP Staking Proposal: Finally, we are proposing a staking strategy for these LP tokens, allowing Waves DAO to earn returns on transactions made in the pool.

3. Expected Benefits:

  • Increase in Reserve Value: The repurchase and strategic management of $EGG and CF tokens are aiming to increase the value of our reserves.
  • Passive Income and Returns: Contributing to the liquidity pool and staking of LP tokens are designed to generate passive income and returns from transactions.
  • Control and Flexibility: Maintaining control of the assets and LP tokens is allowing Waves DAO to adapt to market changes and adjust the strategy as necessary.

4. Risks and Mitigation Strategies:

  • Market Volatility: Given the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, we are implementing constant monitoring and adapting our strategy to mitigate risks.
  • Liquidity Management: We are ensuring effective liquidity management to avoid negative impacts on our operations and the value of our assets.

5. Conclusion: With this proposal, Waves DAO is positioning itself to significantly improve its financial strength and market presence. Through careful management and a well-planned strategy, we are seeking to generate substantial returns and ensure a robust financial future for our organization.

Waves Ducks Liquidity Boost Proposal - FAQ

1. What is the main goal of the Waves Ducks Liquidity Boost Proposal?

  • The primary goal is to optimize the treasury of Waves DAO by efficiently managing assets to maximize returns and strengthen market liquidity.

2. How much funding is being requested and why?

  • We are requesting 10,000 Waves from the WavesDAO treasury. This funding is intended to invest in strategic assets, increase market liquidity, and potentially drive up the value of our holdings.

3. What will the funds be used for?

  • The funds will be used to repurchase $EGG tokens, invest in collective farms for printing CF tokens, and contribute to the liquidity pool on the Waves Ducks site.

4. How will this proposal impact the existing holdings of WavesDAO in collectives?

  • This proposal aims to enhance the impact of our existing holdings by increasing our stake, which can strengthen our market position and influence.

5. Are there concerns about the current Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and market price fluctuations?

  • Yes, we are aware of the concerns. The proposal takes into account the current market dynamics and includes strategies to mitigate risks associated with APY fluctuations and market volatility.

6. Is it realistic to expect a return of 10k Waves from liquidity provision?

  • While the current market conditions present challenges, our strategy is focused on long-term market dynamics and diversified investments, which could lead to favorable outcomes over time.

7. What measures are in place to ensure transparency and accountability?

  • The proposal includes enhanced oversight, regular updates, and transparent management of the funds. We are committed to ensuring that the allocated funds are used effectively for the growth of WavesDAO.

8. How will this proposal benefit WavesDAO in the long term?

  • In the long term, the proposal is expected to increase the value of our reserves, generate passive income, and provide greater control and flexibility in adapting to market changes.

9. What risks are associated with this proposal, and how will they be mitigated?

  • Risks include market volatility and liquidity challenges. We plan to mitigate these through constant market monitoring, diversification of investment strategies, and effective liquidity management.

10. Where can DAO members provide feedback or ask further questions?

  • DAO members are encouraged to share their feedback and questions on our dedicated Discord server, Slack channel, or during regular DAO meetings.


How are swaps going to happen and how can we track the process ? After it is transferred outside of the Dao wallet

Specifically how will the investment into EGG work?

What type of order will you use? for example: market buy, set a limit order, an over the counter trade or a dollar cost average like strategy?

How much effect on the EGG price will these 10k waves have?

Over what period of time will the 10k waves be transferred over? and in what size batches if multiple?

Hey! I think the WavesDAO has already a big share in collective farms. Why don’t use previously acquired tokens for providing liquidity instead of buying new ones?



The proposal was executed successfully and will be performed in several batches:

  • Batch 1
    FOMO - 600 Waves , 3 each hour
    KOLKHOZ - 600 Waves, 3 each hour
    EGGPOINT - 600 Waves, 3 each hour.

    Tx cost - 5,00000001 waves
    Take time - 200h to swap all

  • Batch 2
    STREET - 150 Waves, 3 each hour.
    TURTLE - 150 Waves, 3 each hour.
    DUXPLORER- 150 Waves, 3 each hour.
    LATAM - 150 Waves, 3 each hour .

    Tx cost - 1 Waves
    Take time: 50 hours

  • Batch 3
    EGG - 4,800 Waves, 20 each hour.

    Take time: 240 hours
    Tx cost 1.20000000 waves

    SPICE - 800 Waves, 5 each hour.

    Take time: 160 hours
    Tx cost 0.80000000 Waves

:rotating_light:INSIDER INFO :rotating_light:

Batch 1 END!


Used so far: 420/600 Waves

Bought so far: 43.80

:egg: FOMO:

Used so far: 600/600 Waves

Bought so far: 130.41


Used so far: 390/600 Waves

Bought so far: 37.46

Because of no liquidity for EGGPOINT and KOLKHOZ and no action from these CF owners, buyback was stopped! The Amount left (390 Waves) will be used for EGG buyback

Batch 2 starting tomorrow!

Batch 2 was stopped and Batch 3 will start at 9 Jan