Waves DAO stats

Tracking profit stats of Waves DAO proposals.
Google Sheets

Simple manual tracking at the moment of check date.
Not on delivery date and excludes additional rewards, such as staking.
Good enough for insights.

Any mistakes / additions, you are able to comment in the sheet.
(Tracking in progress, but I am done for now. Costs too much time unfortunately, info will most likely not be used, but should be).

Why did several funded projects deliver nothing? Those are not rugpulls, are they?

WAKE, EAST and PESTO should still launch.
Keeper(WAKE) team has not communicated, delivered anything so far as I know.

AXLY and WLGOLD are bad investments so far.

I use Keeper daily, I hope they are okay.

Keeper wallet is great

As for Axly: The project is done, but staking Axly does not give you protocol rewards like Vires does? Or is it just paid out in the form of Axly token?

Axly staking, pays Axly from buybacks with protocol income:

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