Waves Ambassador DAO

The DAO’s objective is to support Waves ecosystem projects while offering a consistent income to its members.

To become a part of the DAO, you must stake $pwr tokens within the DAO and complete tasks assigned to DAO members (once the DAO is operational). These tasks include activities like promoting Waves projects on social media, organizing events, and establishing connections with potential ecosystem partners.

The DAO provides rewards in two main categories:

  1. UBI Rewards: These are designed to encourage ongoing activity on social media. Additional $pwr tokens will be created to maintain a steady Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of approximately 10% per month for the $pwr tokens staked within the DAO.
  2. Specific Campaign Rewards: These rewards are intended for promoting specific projects and are given in the form of tokens related to those projects. In this scenario, all DAO participants, referred to as ambassadors, receive rewards in the tokens of the projects they support.

An executive committee is elected through a DAO vote, responsible for coordinating DAO activities and ensuring that ambassador tasks are completed. The funding for this committee is sourced from the DAO treasury, based on DAO voting.

Furthermore, the DAO governance has the authority to vote on bringing additional ambassadors into the DAO by allocating more $pwr tokens to them or by offering custom rewards for specific ambassadors.

In essence, stake your $pwr tokens, promote Waves, and get rewarded for your efforts!