The first sprint is coming to an end

Dear community,

In the near future (~January 12, 2024) the first era of Neutrino DAO is coming to an end. As we stated earlier, the Neutrino Crypto DeFi Index (NCDI) project will be launched on the ETH network.

Unfortunately, the R&D process takes longer than the original plan. 3 months are not enough to build a proper infrastructure and launch the project in the new network, so the development will continue in the next sprint. With the great respect to our users we are asking for additional support in the form of NOT UNSTAKING the $POWER token, so that it remains in DAO for the next sprint.

For the users who maintain 100% of their $POWER token staked for the next sprint, we will distribute 62 $POWER proportionally to the users’ staked POWER. The 62 $POWER were originally minted during the ongoing sprint and are intended to be burned because they were not claimed by gNSBT holders, but we would like to use the tokens as an additional incentive.

Also, we consider all the Neutrino DAO participants as potential OGs of our new protocol in the ETH network. Such users will have access to exclusive features and the protocol governance.

Note that the 2nd sprint is one of the vital stages of the project and during this time we will try to provide comprehensive information on the mechanics and logic of the new project.