Support SIGN Art

Hello, I’m Christophe, Founder and lead developer of SIGN Web a web wallet for SIGN token with document certification feature and SIGN Art, a curated Digital Art marketplace with around 850 artists.

I also developed an event ticketing NFT application for the Waves Hackathon that could be push as a full project eventually.

We currently have a partnership with 13 Art Campuses in France with whom we organize events and onboard their students. Last event was a battle:

Next one will be for the world wide popular White Night event, in June in Paris, as well as more potential battles planned.

We’ve been supporting and building on Waves since 2018 but like everyone, the recent events made us lost all our funding, project and personal one.
We are now at point where without financial support we will have to sadly shut down everything.

We are requesting financial support from Waves DAO to:


  • Support all the cost associated to maintaining everything up and running
  • Continue building and updating the different platforms
  • Continue organizing events with our current Art School partners


  • Working on getting new partners
  • Working on a potential relaunch of the platform and token
  • Potentially launch the NFT Ticketing application

Requested amount would be:
Minimal 40 000$ supporting current operation for a Year
Optimal 60 000$ supporting current operation for a Year and moving forward

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How would supporting SIGN Art profit Waves DAO? (it’s a for profit DAO)

SIGN is a very good project. And the more you support good projects in waves ecosystem, the more the ecosystem grows. More value to WAVES ecosystem is more profit to WavesDAO.

It is a good question, 3rd party projects on Waves that are not built by Waves team can easily be counted on one hand, even a hand with missing fingers probably.

Therefore, SIGN Art is one of the very few project that lasted through years and that always delivered when it received support in the past, that hooked real life partnership with Art Schools and have a user base of 800+ curated artists.

We have opportunities for more partnership but they cannot be pushed through without support.

I understand that priority is on projects that solve current Waves ecosystem problems related to Vires, XTN, Gateway but focusing only on that and let the few other existing projects to die will just keep the ecosystem way behind others. Showing that the focus isn’t only on DeFi but also real life adoption through other usecases, with real life partners, would be pretty positive for the ecosystem.

I also understand that Waves DAO is a For Profit DAO, I think there is several options that could eventually be explored, one being that since we are considering a relaunch with a new token, some of it could go to the DAO.

Waves community can decide that SIGN Art is not needed anymore and that would be ok, we would respect that, we just invested lot of time and money to build everything we have now, we have a very good underrated product, partners and a solid vision that start to bring results (like the 13 campuses willing to work with us for long term) and we will try everything we can before eventually let it go.


It seems to me that unlike other projects not much can be offered to the Waves DAO in the short term, so hopefully you can find a very profitable long-term plan, as I think the project is important for a more diversified Waves ecosystem and helps with reputation and user adoption. Would for example the ticketing system be really profitable once developed?

Hi Manuel,

Yes, i didn’t push it for voting as i understand the need for the DAO to get something more than just saving a project of the ecosystem.

Therefore i’m currently working on defining a proper relaunch plan that would fit the DAO expectations and profits as well as the project. The goal is not to just fit the DAO to get support but also to have a solid plan to succeed.

As for the tickecting, i do believe that it is one of the most important use case for NFT, like everything, you need users and partners to access this big potential and big market but it start with building the proper tool then convince.

More about this market:

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as event tickets have significant potential due to their unique properties and the benefits they offer. Here are some key points supported by relevant numbers and stats:

  1. Immutable Ownership: NFTs are based on blockchain technology, providing secure and tamper-proof ownership records. This ensures that event tickets cannot be duplicated or counterfeited, eliminating fraudulent ticketing. According to a report by Statista, the global revenue from ticket sales in the live events sector was approximately $25.33 billion in 2019, highlighting the need for robust ticketing solutions.

  2. Enhanced Scalability: NFT tickets offer enhanced scalability by eliminating physical printing constraints, enabling the creation of a larger quantity of tickets, facilitating online distribution, and providing opportunities for secure resale on secondary markets. These advantages allow events to accommodate a potentially larger audience and streamline the ticketing process.

  3. Secondary Market Potential: NFTs enable a secondary market for ticket sales, allowing fans to resell their tickets securely and easily. This can lead to increased demand and higher ticket prices, benefiting both event organizers and ticket holders. In 2020, the secondary ticketing market was valued at approximately $15.5 billion, indicating the potential economic impact of NFT-based ticket resale.

  4. Added Value and Exclusivity: NFTs can be used to offer additional benefits to ticket holders, such as exclusive content, backstage passes, or meet-and-greet opportunities. These unique experiences can significantly enhance the value of the tickets and create a sense of exclusivity. In 2021, NBA Top Shot, an NFT-based platform for basketball collectibles, generated over $500 million in sales, highlighting the market demand for unique digital experiences.

  5. Enhanced Transparency and Royalty Payments: NFTs can incorporate smart contracts that automatically distribute royalties to creators, ensuring that artists or performers receive a share of the revenue when their tickets are resold. This transparency and fair compensation model can attract more artists and performers to embrace NFTs as a ticketing solution.

While the NFT industry is still evolving, these factors suggest the significant potential of NFTs as event tickets. It is important to note that the adoption and success of NFTs in the ticketing industry will depend on factors such as scalability, user experience, and wider acceptance among event organizers and attendees.