Stop Marketing DAO Vesting

Dear Waves DAO-Members,

with the proposal “Waves Marketing DAO continuous funding” (PWRDAO) the Waves DAO agreed to pay 0.245 Waves per Block to the Marketing DAO.

The funding now runs for 2 months and literally no information about what happend to the funds is public. Until now the Marketing DAO recieved around $40.000 and all of it left the treasury wallet. Yet, the marketing team did not disclose any use of the funds publicly or within the Marketing DAO.

I noticed that all of the money has left the Marketing DAO treasury wallet without any votes or public justification. Since the Marketing DAO obviously has no (full) control over the treasury wallet I think its the duty of Waves DAO members to stop the payment until a proper working Marketing DAO is in place.

It is clear that the treasury wallet of the Marketing DAO is controlled by unknown centralized entitys, which is a high risk for Waves DAO members and goes against the funding agreement approved by Waves DAO.
Since Waves DAO is a for-profit DAO we have to ensure that our investments are profitable, which is highly questionable when the investment vanishes from the treasury wallet of the Marketing DAO without any corresponding vote.
This indicates centralization and goes strictly against the principles of decentralized decisionmaking.

I highly recommend that we vote for a stop of funding of marketing DAO!


Vote here:

Let’s see how decentralised the voting will be.

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As you may have understand it by now, the majority of the votes are controlled by the Waves Team and they finance only their friend’s projects or their own.

This whole ecosystem is a big scam, this is the solution they came to after understanding that nobody would buy the useless new tokens their launch every other days with stupid 300% APR anymore