Solar Waves: Simplifying Solar Investments

Solar Waves: Simplifying Solar Investments

Overview of Solar Waves

Imagine you manage a factory and are considering the installation of 118 solar panels on your roof. However, you face a significant barrier: the lack of necessary investment capital. Typically, securing a loan for such an endeavor involves high interest rates, rendering the project financially unviable. Currently, the commercial market value for this type of installation is approximately $50,000 USD.

Solar Waves provides an innovative solution by tokenizing the solar plant and establishing a “Power Purchase Agreement” (PPA). We issue 118 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), each priced at $425, to fund the installation. For this building in Guatemala City, while the usual energy cost is $0.27 per kWh, we offer a 10% discount, reducing the price to $0.24 per kWh.

The photovoltaic (PV) plant is estimated to generate 97,000 kWh annually, which translates to an income of $23,280 per year. This strategy enables a payback period of just three years. Additionally, we secure a 15-year contract with the client, promising 12 years of subsequent revenue. Throughout this period, the NFTs provide monthly interest payments to their holders.

Greetings, PowerDAO! Do you see the opportunity described above as a viable and profitable venture?

Today, I am thrilled to introduce Solar Waves, a groundbreaking project that bridges the gap between blockchain technology and the solar energy sector, aiming to revolutionize how and who can invest in renewable energy. With an ambitious vision to start in Guatemala and expand globally, Solar Waves proposes an inclusive and adaptable participation model that enables anyone, from anywhere, to contribute to the transition towards a sustainable energy future.

What Sets Solar Waves Apart?

Dual Participation Model: Solar Waves offers unprecedented flexibility in the realm of renewable energy investments through two primary avenues of participation:
Guarantors: Who commit the PWR token in the DAO to partake in project decision-making.
• Investors: Who purchase NFTs representing solar panels to fund projects and receive monthly interest.
Commitment to Transparency: We strive to ensure full transparency in project execution, solar energy selling prices, and collection dates, ensuring all participants have access to clear and truthful information.
Global Expansion and Social Impact: While we begin in Guatemala, our project is designed to be scalable and adaptable to any geographic context, committed to generating a positive environmental, social, and economic impact on global communities.

How Can You Participate?

As a Guarantor: Take an active role in guiding and propelling the success of Solar Waves by committing PWR tokens in the upcoming Solar Waves DAO. This collaborative effort benefits the project immensely and also grants you a significant stake in making key decisions and sharing in the profits generated.

As an Investor: Through NFTs, directly finance solar projects by purchasing NFTs that represent individual solar panels. These NFTs offer you passive income backed by clean, green energy. Considered a 100% green investment, they contribute to reducing the global carbon footprint.

Let’s join forces to light the way to a more sustainable and equitable future for everyone. Solar Waves is more than just a project; it is a community, a vision, and an opportunity to make a real difference. No matter where you are in the world, we invite you to be part of this energy transformation mission.
Your participation matters. Join Solar Waves today and be part of the solution.


The Solar Waves initiative presents a unique opportunity for investment in sustainable energy. By purchasing NFTs, investors not only contribute to the expansion of solar power but also enjoy financial returns. This case exemplifies the practical advantages of our model, showcasing how renewable energy projects can be both environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial.

What’s Next?

Get ready for the official project launch on social media!

We’re thrilled to introduce the Solar Waves DAO, an exclusive community you can join by staking Power tokens. Plus, don’t miss our limited edition NFT sale, which will offer additional yield for each project. Stay tuned for more details in the official announcement!

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Congratulations, great idea! Question: is the 50k USD including maintenance? So an inverter can break down several times in 15 years. What about this?


Thank you very much for your question, and I appreciate your support. Indeed, it is an excellent question.

The $50,000 does include the maintenance of the solar plant for the duration of the contracts. These maintenance activities involve cleaning every three to four months, depending on the location, as well as annual electrical inspections.

Regarding the replacement of an inverter, ideally, we should be able to claim this under warranty. We only use certified, high-quality equipment. Some brands offer warranties of up to 20 years. The electrical installations we perform comply with local regulations and take into account the recommendations of the inverter distributors, ensuring that issues can be resolved under warranty whenever possible.

Additionally, the $50,000 includes insurance against vandalism, damage caused by third parties, and accidents (for example, if a stray bullet hits a solar panel). However, if there is damage due to the negligence of the end client, the contract will include clauses stipulating that they would be required to cover these costs.

In summary, the project incorporates all our available legal and technical mechanisms to protect the investment.