Neutrino DAO proposal

Neutrino DAO proposal

The evolution of the Neutrino protocol is upon us, with a pivotal focus on enhancing the utility of gNSBT. Our primary aim is to substantially boost gNSBT performance, which should in turn positively impact NSBT and SURF value growth.

The protocol recognizes the need for a more robust governance system with an emphasis on empowering gNSBT and creating better incentives for our community. After careful consideration of various avenues to refine the Neutrino system and optimize governance, the introduction of slashing mechanics emerged as a prime solution. However, rather than integrating this directly into Neutrino’s governance, we propose a more streamlined approach — a transition to the tried-and-true Power DAO system. This established and rigorously tested system not only supports our gNSBT-centric objectives but also paves the way for valuable community-led enhancements that will drive the protocol’s future growth.

Neutrino DAO Operating Parameters

Please see page 14 in the Power DAO whitepaper for any questions regarding the Operational Parameters listed below.

DAO Type



Decentralization, management and business development based on an effective governance model, setting profit-making as the primary objective.

DAO Lifespan



The main KPI is the growth of the treasury value (NSBT + XTN, see “Neutrino DAO treasury” below).

To reach the main KPI DAO participants with the help of Waves Marketing team will lead business and development activities such as:

  • developing new utilities for gNSBT; here DAO participants create/discuss/vote on development/enhancement proposals and allocate a budget for them. The team or other developers can implement such protocol updates and receive the allocated funds.
    It is important to note that without the current team involvement/review and corresponding team’s signature it will be almost impossible to properly apply third party changes to the protocol, because such updates can enable backdoor attacks, ruin protocol logics, disable its components, etc.
  • new NSBT listings on the external exchanges;
  • marketing campaigns;
  • other activities approved by DAO members.

KPI Sprints/Epochs duration

Every 3 months.

DAO profits

With the approval of Mother DAO, each epoch 20% of the treasury growth will be converted into staked $POWER via Power protocol to reduce sell pressure. Stakers receive staked $POWER excluding development expenses.


  • Minimum amount of staked $POWER required to receive voting rights per user is 0.00000001
  • Min $POWER to launch Neutrino DAO is 1
  • Min raising investments are 100k XTN
  • Max raising investments are ~400k XTN
  • Minimum Quorum is 30%
  • Minimum Participants are 100

Activation Period

10 days

Slashing / Penalties

  • in case of KPI failure - no slashing is applied
  • in case of ignoring voting - the general Power protocol rules are applied.
  • in case of ignoring mandatory claim&commit transaction (see “gNSBT holders” section below) - the $POWER distributed to users gets burnt at the start of the next epoch

Neutrino DAO treasury

The Treasury consists of NSBT and XTN.

NSBT source

  • The remaining (unissued) NSBT amount (around 192k NSBT) from Auction contract (3PG2vMhK5CPqsCDodvLGzQ84QkoHXCJ3oNP) will be transferred to the Neutrino DAO treasury.
  • NSBT unstaking fees will be transferred to the Neutrino DAO treasury.

$POWER source

During the initial stage (setup process), the Neutrino DAO will submit a request for the right to issue/allocate 200 staked $POWER from the Mother DAO in exchange for 50k NSBT. Staked $POWER means that the users will not be able to withdraw $POWER tokens immediately, it will be possible only after the end of the 1st KPI sprint/epoch.

Every upcoming sprint/epoch, the Neutrino DAO is planning to share sprint results, communicate upcoming events and plans to the Mother DAO and coordinate the allocation of the additional staked $POWER to distribute among the participants who keep gNSBT and prolong $POWER commitment in the Neutrino DAO.

XTN source and $POWER distribution

The total amount of 200 staked $POWER will be distributed as follows:

  • 100 staked $POWER (50%) will be distributed among gNSBT holders;
  • 100 staked $POWER (50%) will be put up for sale for new investors at a fixed price in exchange on XTN. All remaining $POWER will be burnt, see details below.

gNSBT holders

If Power DAO approves the Neutrino DAO request, then gNSBT balances snapshot will be taken and 50% staked $POWER (100 tokens) will be distributed among gNSBT holders depending on their shares. Such distribution will happen once per sprint/epoch.

NSBT/SURF staking/unstaking mechanics remain unchanged and users will continue receiving rewards based on the collected Neutrino protocol fees. However, from now on NSBT unstaking fees will be transferred to the Neutrino DAO treasury.

Please note that gNSBT holders need to manually claim staked $POWER, which then gets automatically committed to Neutrino DAO. The unclaimed and uncommitted $POWER will be burned during the next sprint/epoch. This allows sorting out active gNSBT holders. At the same time it does not close the opportunities to participate in the next sprints/epoches.

:warning: :warning: Limited offer *only during the first snapshot :warning::warning:

Make new NSBT (not SURF) staking or prolong your existing NSBT staking to get double gNSBT amount. More gNSBT = more staked $POWER.

XTN investors

Users can buy the staked $POWER for XTN at the fixed price. In the current market conditions this will be a great offer because the XTN market price is significantly higher than the contract price, while there is very little $POWER on the market. This allows users to diversify their portfolio and get $POWER by the flat price, while becoming a Neutrino DAO participant.

Please keep in mind that the offer is limited by the amount (only 100 $POWER, that is ~400k XTN) available for sale. The $POWER/XTN fixed price will be set after the Mother DAO approval.

Transition process and timing

  1. The creation of Neutrino DAO in the Power Protocol framework (Day 1 - Oct 4)
  2. The submitting of the proposal into the Mother DAO to receive the right to issue 200 $POWER in exchange for 50k NSBT (Day 2 - Oct 4)
  3. The transfer of the remaining NSBT amount (from 3PG2vMhK5CPqsCDodvLGzQ84QkoHXCJ3oNP) to the Neutrino DAO treasury (Day 7 - Oct 10)
  4. Implementation of minor change in the NSBT unstaking mechanics: all NSBT unstaking fees will be transferred to the Neutrino DAO treasury (Day 7 - Oct 10)
  5. Activation of the ability to get double gNSBT amount for staked NSBT (Day 7 - Oct 10)
  6. The start of selling staked $POWER for XTN (Day 1 - Oct 3)
  7. The creation of gNSBT snapshot and distribution of the staked $POWER to the gNSBT holders (Day 10 - Oct 13)
  8. Investors receive staked $POWER bought for XTN. See step 6* (Day 10 - Oct 13)


Power DAO whitepaper
How to start a DAO on Power Protocol
About Neutrino protocol


Evgeny Isaev
there is a rule that if you stake SURF now you will receive gNSBT in 2 weeks, so is this applied for power drop?

No, this rule is not applied during the snapshot. All staked SURF are immediately counted to receive staked $POWER, there is no need to wait for 2 weeks.


Bear Manager
what about stakers since day one, can you at least remove the unstaking fee so we can unstake and get double gnsbt, pretty please?

All NSBT stakers will have possibility to double their gnsbt using special invoke without the need to unstake and lose fees.


:large_blue_diamond: :large_blue_diamond: :large_blue_diamond: Additional explanation of the gNSBT upcoming limited offer.

Starting ETA OCT 10 (until the end of the first Neutrino DAO sprint ~ in 3 months) users will be able to get doubled amount of gNSBT for staking NSBT (not SURF).

There will be ONLY TWO WAYS to get the double gNSBT:

  • Get yourself some NSBT and make new staking (if you currently don’t have one).
  • Prolong your existing NSBT staking (if you already have one). We will add “Double gNSBT” button on the Neutrino website for your convenience.

:warning: Please be advised that if you already have NSBT staking and stake some more, you will NOT get the “double prize”. To increase your gNSBT you have to invoke the “Double gNSBT” action.

The limited offer will last until the end of the first Neutrino DAO sprint (estimated ending time: in 3 months).

If you get the double gNSBT amount, it will stay with you forever, unless you unstake the corresponding amount of NSBT at any time later.


You staked 100 NSBT and received the double amount 200 gNSBT. Then, in 3 months, you staked 100 more NSBT and received the normal 100 gNSBT amount.
So, your total is 300 gNSBT.
Now, if you unstake 100 NSBT at any time, you will lose the bonus 200 gNSBT first and be left with the 100 normal gNSBT.

:warning: Important.

If you are looking to get $POWER token for your gNSBT, make sure that you get the double gNSBT BEFORE the snapshot (OCT 13) that is when all the users gNSBT shares are calculated.


:large_blue_diamond: :large_blue_diamond: :large_blue_diamond: How does “Double gNSBT” button work?

Note. Everything mentioned below are only valid during the first Neutrino DAO sprint (around 3 months).



User has no gNSBT from NSBT staking (gNSBT from SURF does not matter).

Expected behavior

  • If user stakes NSBT he gets double gNSBT immediately
  • Subsequent NSBT stakings will give double gNSBT amount.



User has gNSBT from NSBT staking. User has NOT yet used “Double gNSBT” button and tries to stakes more NSBT.

Expected behavior

  • User “Stake” NSBT → he gets equal gNSBT amount (not double!) .
  • User “Double” gNSBT → he gets the double gNSBT amount for all his current NSBT staking (Note: gNSBT from SURF are not doubled).
  • Subsequent NSBT stakings will give double gNSBT amount.



A user has gNSBT from NSBT staking. User has already used “Double gNSBT” button and tries to stakes more NSBT.

Expected behavior

  • User “Stake” NSBT → he gets double gNSBT.
  • Subsequent NSBT stakings will give double gNSBT amount.

CASE 4 Unstaking


A user has gNSBT from NSBT staking.

Expected behavior

  • User unstakes all his NSBT.
  • Then CASE 1 applies.

:warning: :warning: :warning:Very Important

Doubling implies resetting the locking period, as if the existing staking starts from new, i.e.

  • Staking Effective Date = Today
  • Unstaking Effective Fee = 100%

However, after applying “Double gNSBT”, all the subsequent NSBT stakings will be merged per the existing logics, not started from new.


User has 100 gNSBT from staking NSBT:

  1. He stakes 20 NSBT. Now he has 120 gNSBT (100+20)
  2. He doubles gNSBT. Now he has 240 gNSBT (120*2) In three months (the limited offer is over), then:
  3. He stakes 30 NSBT. Now he has 270 gNSBT (240+30)
  4. He unstakes 100 NSBT. Now he has 70 gNSBT (270 - 200)

How will “Double gNSBT” button look ?