Mini Proposal 77.7 $PUZZLE| Utility NFT: Burn, Baby, Burn & Whirling Flame Sentinel by BURN-XTN

Dear Waves DAO,

A mini proposal to acquire 1 NFT from Burn, Baby, Burn for 77.7 $PUZZLE:

For profit:
NFT will earn weekly liquidity pool rewards paid in BURN-XTN, WHIRLPOOL, WAVES and ROME.

Marketing and SEO:
Waves DAO name + weblink: on

If all 10 are unavailable, because there is already a bid, then instead buy 1 NFT Whirling Flame Sentinel for 7.77 $PUZZLE and remaining funds returning, if sold out, funds are returned.
BURN-XTN will implement SURF burning tokenomics for each sold NFT.
Waves DAO treasury has 6679 PUZZLE, of which 99 unstaked.

NFT Market:

More info and utilities:

Thank you,

Bought FlameEnchantress:

for 77.7 $PUZZLE and sent to Waves DAO:

Waves DAO promoted on: