Metarace funding proposal

Metarace Proposal


We, the Metarace Team, are applying for the Waves DAO funding for our project development and marketing. We are applying for a 0.1 WAVES vesting per block in exchange for $RACE tokens.

Motivation and Purposes

Metarace is the only real 3D fast pace multiplayer game supporting Waves blockchain as one of two main chains (Polygon is second).

Metarace was benefiting other Waves projects since 2021:

  • conducted IDO on SWOP in 2021, but all $EGG received were just burnt increasing the value of the $EGG token
  • supports Ducks NFT (the most powerful characters in the game) and Waves Punks

Metarace development, operations, and marketing were funded by the team but it’s future was highly affected by the Waves.Exchange gateway issues.

Despite all the issues, the game was released for Windows, MacOS and iOS devices with unique features:

  • Unique gameplay supporting multiple chains and NFT collections to attract users from other chains
  • One of 3 games in the AppStore supporting NFT buys using In-App Purchase. We implemented a unique flow when a user makes IAP: App Store Transaction → $RACE → NFT. This scheme basically converts In-App Purchases (fiat buys) into $RACE buyback.

The requested funds will be used to implement the Metarace roadmap for the next six months. The goal of this roadmap is to attract new users and make a sustainable game tokenomics.



  • Web-version release (HTML5 using Unity)
  • New website development
  • YouTube marketing campaigns after the launch


  • New cars and maps development
  • Marketing campaigns to attract users from other chains


  • AI-generated trucks development

The full roadmap of the Metarace in 2023 is shown here – 🚜 Metarace in 2023. 2022 was quite a challenging year for… | by Inal Kardanov | Medium


The proposed vesting conditions are:

  • Waves DAO vests 0.1 WAVES per block to the Metarace team account (totaling 4320 WAVES per month)
  • in exchange, once in two months $RACE team sends Metarace tokens back at a market rate at the moment of transaction
  • by default, this agreement works till the end of December
  • The funding can be extended with an additional proposal if the tokens exchange proves its long-term sustainability.

Hello Inal! Glad to see you here.

Have some questions regarding the proposal:

1- How many RACE tokens does the team hold and are there enough to pay in exchange for DAO’s WAVES investment?

2- What are your plans regarding multi-chain implementation, as far as I know, you were going to launch a Polygon version. Will this be the same game/app as used by Waves players?

3- Nov-Dec part of the roadmap looks concerning, do you think AI-generated images will still be the thing by November?

Thank you!


Thanks for your questions!
1 – Around 60% of the total supply is under the team’s control. Also, some team members have their bags which will be transferred if needed (there is some uncertainty since we will transfer gradually and the needed number of tokens depends on the price). So we’re 100% sure it’s going to be enough.

2 – Metarace supports two chains now – Waves and Polygon. One of the reasons why we applied this proposal is to keep going with two chains and keep Waves as one of the default options. Otherwise, we can end up having to choose one (due to limited dev resources). We’re not sure which chain we’ll choose and don’t want it, but still.

3 – We’re not talking about AI-generated images here; we have plans to generate with AI 3D models. There are some models now, but we expect them to become commodities by the end of the year (and we do our best to help with it). So I’d say that AI-generated 3D models hype is ahead.