Launch a PWR/PUZZLE pool

Dear governors,

We have a solid amount of POWER and PUZZLE tokens sitting in the treasury. Herewith I suggest using a part of it to set up the DAO owned megapool on Puzzle Swap.

I propose to launch a megapool with 70 PWR and 3500 PUZZLE to set up the pool with following parameters:

  • pool fee: 1%
  • pool name: POWER-PUZZLE
  • pool domain: pwrpzl
  • polo logo: Power logo
  • pool composition is targeted as 50% PWR, 50% PUZZLE but might be adjusted to market rates to fit entire amounts (for example 55% pwr, 45% puzzle)
  • pool owner: 3PEwRcYNAUtoFvKpBhKoiwajnZfdoDR6h4h


  • more liquidity for PWR token; right now the PWR token has as little as $25k on-chain liquidity, while launching the new pool with a protocol-owned liquidity will double this value

  • earning APY on owned tokens, instead of just holding them

  • pool owner benefit; setting up a new pool will make DAO earn 10% of all its fees forever


  • impermanent loss is possible, but should be covered with a good fee APY which is expected in terms of the upcoming Waves DAO epoch change

  • pool creation costs 20 PUZZLE ($75), which will be automatically burned

In general I think it’s a good way to yield additional rewards for the treasury and give a significant strategic boost to both tokens owned by our DAO.

Proposal tx:

delegatePoolCreation(70 pwr, 3000 puzzle)

“payment”: [
“amount”: 7000000000,
“assetId”: “2thsACuHmzDMuNezPM32wg9a3BwUzBWDeSKakgz3cw21”
“amount”: 350000000000,
“assetId”: “HEB8Qaw9xrWpWs8tHsiATYGBWDBtP2S7kcPALrMu43AS”
“call”: {
“function”: “delegatePoolCreation”,
“chainId”: 87,
“dApp”: “3PPx6dVYXixGLD11zaCMAmjmVA2vnAs8fpj”,
“feeAssetId”: null,
“initialFeeAssetId”: null,
“proofs”: ,
“type”: 16,
“version”: 2,
“fee”: 900000,
“senderPublicKey”: “GDPfYHA6NUZCmin3J7LWZhCvSjBcna8HebyvQyrw17v”,
“timestamp”: 1691490158000

Hey governors! The proposal has been accepted and the pool successfully launched:

Looking forward to the juicy LP rewards for the DAO and more liquidity for PWR token. Thanks for your votes!