Additions to Waves DAO smart contract

Hello Governors,

Instead of making a proposal for every staking and claiming tx, I wanted to propose to add some RIDE code lines to Waves DAO smart contract.
(This also applies to other proposals, such CFs, Puzzle, Axly, Waves staking and claiming).

Current situation:
Every blockchain tx requires a vote, even if the proposal is a no-brainer vote.
Currently it is still manageable, but as the amount of investments grow, this will become an issue.
Example: claim rewards 10x every 3 months is 40 proposals per year, which have no downside to Waves DAO.

I propose to write some lines of code to add to the Waves DAO smart contract, the dApp would allow, without voting.

How will I go about it, do I only write the lines to add? and Power Team sets the script.
Or do I first obtain the source code, add the lines, make a proposal with set script tx?

Please leave your feedback.


Not agree. Better each TX to be voted

Fully support! DAO is missing on some no-brainer options right now.

Suggested solution is not feasible, because of security reasons.
We will need to explore better options.

Possible solutions, suggested by Mr Turtle:
Shorter vote period I guess for certain calls/dapps

Multisig jury who all need to sign a tx (but even then its not trustless)

But everything that doesnt need verification by many can easy be tempered with. Especially since all can be adapted before the signature is fixed