1. FARMING 2.0 :tractor:

We’ve successfully transitioned to Farming 2.0, a significant update that encourages users to add new ducks to Farming. This not only boosts the demand for crossbreeding and hatching ducks but also enhances the overall gameplay experience.

:one: We removed inactive and lost accounts, resulting in an increased $EGG share for active players.

:two: Duck Farming has become even more profitable with the removal of ducks from Duck Hunt, resulting in an increase in your share of $EGG.

:three: Ducks’ unique genes now play a key role in their farming power!

According to our calculations, duck farming has increased by х3 times!

  1. In-game stats have been added, providing detailed insights into ducks, turtles, the marketplace, caught eggs, breeding, hatching, rebirth and even tracking the amount of $EGG burned. This feature offers users valuable information to make informed decisions within the game.

  2. Another milestone achieved is the addition of a second successful in-game pool for Collective Farms tokens. This introduces more opportunities for users, with half of the commission income returning to investors and the other half being burned, contributing to the token’s scarcity.

  3. We’ve recently hosted an Easter event, rolled out a new jackpot, and introduced new pets, enriching the gaming experience and keeping our community engaged.

  4. Tasks have been integrated into the Zealy platform, allowing users to earn in-game rewards by performing social activities. This initiative aims to attract new users through web3 platforms, fostering community engagement and growth.

  5. A new crossbreeding calculator for ducks and turtles has been released, enabling users to calculate the probability of obtaining unique genes. This tool empowers players to strategize their crossbreeding efforts more effectively.

  6. We continue to add opportunities for turtles. The number of unique genes is the main indicator of Farm Power of turtles. That’s why we added Ice Turtle :turtle::ice_cube: so that users can breed and get more genes. Also the next Uroin Turtle :radioactive: is already drawn, we will add it in a while.

:fire:Also, we recently burned through as much as 400,000 $EGG of our total supply :fire:

Our Plans:

Next on our agenda is the introduction of mutants, which will result from crossing Obstinate ducks with Obstinate turtles. This addition will offer players new options and strategies, further enriching the depth of gameplay.

We’re also gearing up to introduce new classes: Cats and Dogs. These assets will be integrated into the duck ecosystem as non-token assets, adding diversity and new dynamics to the game.

Our commitment to enhancing the gaming experience remains steadfast. We’ll continue to prioritize improving code quality, implementing unfinished features, hosting exciting events, and developing the metaverse. These efforts aim to provide a stable and engaging game environment for our growing community of players.


Exciting developments from our #WavesDucks team! Presenting the Waves Ducks Roadmap for 2024!

1. Farming 2.0 (Already Live)

Farming 2.0 is being worked on as we speak. It will disconnect the current Hunt SC from the farming, it will bring a new edge to ducks farmers. We will release the xmas stable as part of farming 2.0.

2. Mutants

Mutants were promised a long time ago. We are working on it, we are currently running tests with the image generator. Some funny image were created already, we invite you all to play around with it yourself.

3. PETE Class

We are currently investigating a PETE earning class. The treasury will be kickstarted with initial funding, so that there will be instant revenue. This will ensure a healthy economic boost to the ecosystem.

4. Next Class

The next class might be something like a WAVES- or PUZZLE-earning-class (Disclaimer, this can potentially be changed, depending on the partnerships we close).

5. Halloween event

Obviously we will create a fun Halloween event this year as well. So prepare to get spooky

6. Rebranding

We are looking to rebrand from WavesDucks into something more fitting. Ducks became ducks and turtles but now mutants and two more classes will be added! We do not have plans to print new tokens, the EGG-token will remain the main token.

7. X-Mas event

To finish off the year with a big bang, we will make sure to create a heartwarming Christmas-event with all the needed bells and jingles!

Currently 5% of all the in-game burned egg tokens are still being send to the DAO, this means that the new classes will boost the revenue for the DAO! The game had a ‘backup EGG supply’ stashed away somewhere (protected with MultiSig :warning:). We’ve decided that we wanted to burn 400.000 EGG in one go! This means that the total supply went down from ~1.000.000 to less than ~600.000!

We’ve already achieved a few other milestones that weren’t on the roadmap, such as:

Launching an extra liquidity-pool for Collective Farm-tokens! :tractor: In this new pool, 50% of the commissions are sent back to investors as rewards and the remaining 50% will be burned. :fire:

We’ve been expanding our in-game statistics for a while now and will keep doing so in the future. A brand new breeding-calculator for both ducks and turtles has been released! Use it to calculate your chance of getting unique genes and maximize your profit. :money_mouth_face:

We still invite every approved Waves DAO project to contact us for collaborations. We still believe that the true power of WAVES lies within the cooperation between the active projects.

Just like waves break at the shore, we can break through our limitations and reach new heights. Let’s make WAVES great again!

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